No, you can’t blame Islam for the Orlando shooting.

The amount of Islamophobia on Facebook today in wake of the Orlando shooting is horrible and is missing the point.

Radical Islam doesn’t have a problem with homophobia. Societies everywhere have a problem with homophobia. You can’t ban gay men from donating blood, not allow trans people to use their bathroom of choice, fail to pass laws protecting LGBT community members and then put the blame on a person’s religion and ethnicity. This is not an issue of Islam, it’s an issue of all of our societies. This is an issue in American society, where the shooter was born and raised. This is the same country in which people can be fired for their sexual orientation, where trans women of color are the most murdered population and where trans homeless youth make up over a third of all homeless youth.

Gay marriage hasn’t made us safer or less prone to violence. Homophobia doesn’t just end with one court case. It requires actively educating our youth and ourselves towards acceptance. It requires that we demand equal rights and that politicians join in on ensuring that those rights are guaranteed and protected.

Pulse was not a random location. The shooter didn’t just target a club, but an LGBT club.

You don’t get to fail to protect our community and then blame outside forces for being the culprit.

Photo: Phelan M. Ebenhack/AP

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