Lessons from Breaking the Silence

The recent public attack on Breaking the Silence (BtS) has caused me to think a lot about my army service. Some thoughts I have already written down, but my it didn’t stop the train from continuing to run. As I have become more politically minded, I have spent more time shying away from talking to people […]

No Voice Given to Those Who Break Silence

I remember the first time I seriously questioned my role in the army. I was sitting in a class learning about the different types of bullets and how their impact affects the body. The regular bullet goes in and stays relatively intact. Another breaks the metal up in your body. The worst one we learned […]

Hiking in a Heat Wave

Last week, I started the Israel Trail alongside my girlfriend. We planned on hiking the country and talking to people about the Arab-Israeli Conflict along the way. We thought we would have to bring up the conflict and ask people to talk about it, because it rarely comes up in day to day conversation. Instead, […]

Learning Feminism in Bnei Brak

I’m looking at myself in a window to make sure my outfit is okay. I am looking at my reflection to make sure I still recognize myself. I’m in Bnei Barak, an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood next to Tel Aviv. I threw out my full-length mirror years ago, and checking my appearance in a window has become […]

הישראל של אמריקאים

כל פעם שאני טסה לארה”ב, יש משהו שמדהים אותי מחדש… גדלתי בסביבה יהודית, הלכתי לבית כנסת (הכריחו אותי) ולמחנה קיץ יהודי. שם הבנתי שיש מקום ושקוראים לו ישראל, ואנחנו כיהודים אמריקאים תומכים בה ואוהבים אותה. אין כזה הרבה יותר לדעת. אז הכרתי ועם הזמן גם התחברתי למקום. אבל המקום הזה שמדברים אליו, שמתפללים אליו, שטסים […]

Reflections on days I wish hadn’t happened

Two days, two murders. In one, I am part of the oppressed, and in the other, part of the oppressor. Both were done in the name of god, and I wonder what kind of god the perpetrators believe in. Thursday, I am not at Jerusalem pride, because I have a friend’s bachelorette party. I’m in […]