Being a Settler Does Not Make You Immoral, But Settlements are Still Unethical

I realized after talking to some friends about a piece I wrote the other day about picking up a Jewish-Israeli hitch hiker on Shuhada Street in Hebron, that I need to clarify some things about what I wrote. Being a settler does not make you less moral. Not being a settler does not mean you are more […]

Demolitions in the Negev: Al-Araqib and Umm Al-Hiran

Yesterday, two friends and I went down to Al-Araqib to support the residents, whose homes had just been destroyed for the 101st time on Wednesday. Some make-shift homes were already set up. We spent most of the time listening to speeches in a language we could barely understand, and then we were invited into the home […]

A visit to Holot, Israel’s Refugee Detention Center

On Saturday, I visited Holot, an open detention center for asylum seekers in the Negev, for the first time. I came with some knowledge and left with a greater understanding and a stronger desire to actively follow what is happening at the center. Holot, defined as an open detention center, was opened to replace a […]

B’Tselem fire not arson, extreme-right continues to incite

Two nights ago, the building that houses B’Tselem, one of Israel’s leading human rights organizations, caught fire. Luckily, no one was seriously injured (though there were minor injuries). The preliminary findings pointed to arson, and many people, including many left-wing activists, assumed this to be correct. I also believed that it was arson. Yesterday morning, the […]