Reflections on days I wish hadn’t happened

Two days, two murders. In one, I am part of the oppressed, and in the other, part of the oppressor. Both were done in the name of god, and I wonder what kind of god the perpetrators believe in. Thursday, I am not at Jerusalem pride, because I have a friend’s bachelorette party. I’m in […]

Six months after Protective Edge: We aren’t protected, and we should be on edge

Six months after the war, no one is talking about Gaza. The trend is no different than in the past. It starts with a few rockets here and a few bombings there, until, finally, it escalates into a war (sorry, operation). Suddenly, everyone knows everything about Gaza. Every politician talks about Gaza as if its […]

That Parent.

Anyone who has ever worked with children or youth knows that parent who refuses to believe that their child has done anything wrong. “Your kid is acting out in class” “It’s not his fault, it’s your teaching methods” “Your kid is bullying others” “No, I talked to him (or her), and they say that they […]