Being a Settler Does Not Make You Immoral, But Settlements are Still Unethical

I realized after talking to some friends about a piece I wrote the other day about picking up a Jewish-Israeli hitch hiker on Shuhada Street in Hebron, that I need to clarify some things about what I wrote. Being a settler does not make you less moral. Not being a settler does not mean you are more […]

In Their Words: Women of Susiya Call for Support

On Friday night, members of All That’s Left and others spent the evening with the residents of Susiya, protesting home and land demolitions in Area C of the West Bank and in the Negev.  While there, we spoke with the residents, and mainly listened to their experiences under occupation. A few women in the village […]

Demolitions in the Negev: Al-Araqib and Umm Al-Hiran

Yesterday, two friends and I went down to Al-Araqib to support the residents, whose homes had just been destroyed for the 101st time on Wednesday. Some make-shift homes were already set up. We spent most of the time listening to speeches in a language we could barely understand, and then we were invited into the home […]