When Love isn’t Enough

In the wake of the shooting, I have seen a lot of support from mainstream society towards the LGBTQ in the form of two phrases: ‘love is love’ and ‘love wins’ (adopted as the hashtag for marriage equality). I have seen few members of LGBTQ community use these phrases, and I think it’s important to […]

No, you can’t blame Islam for the Orlando shooting.

The amount of Islamophobia on Facebook today in wake of the Orlando shooting is horrible and is missing the point. Radical Islam doesn’t have a problem with homophobia. Societies everywhere have a problem with homophobia. You can’t ban gay men from donating blood, not allow trans people to use their bathroom of choice, fail to […]

One Year After Gaza: American-Jews No Longer on the Netanyahu Bandwagon

August 26, 2015, marked one year since the end of the 51-day round of fighting in Gaza between Hamas and Israel dubbed operation Protective Edge. When the fighting started, I happened to fly to America for 10 days to visit my family in Philadelphia, and the topic of Gaza and the fighting at the time […]