A visit to Holot, Israel’s Refugee Detention Center

On Saturday, I visited Holot, an open detention center for asylum seekers in the Negev, for the first time. I came with some knowledge and left with a greater understanding and a stronger desire to actively follow what is happening at the center. Holot, defined as an open detention center, was opened to replace a […]

Learning Feminism in Bnei Brak

I’m looking at myself in a window to make sure my outfit is okay. I am looking at my reflection to make sure I still recognize myself. I’m in Bnei Barak, an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood next to Tel Aviv. I threw out my full-length mirror years ago, and checking my appearance in a window has become […]

Reflections on days I wish hadn’t happened

Two days, two murders. In one, I am part of the oppressed, and in the other, part of the oppressor. Both were done in the name of god, and I wonder what kind of god the perpetrators believe in. Thursday, I am not at Jerusalem pride, because I have a friend’s bachelorette party. I’m in […]